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Imu Pro

FITLabs is Canada’s exclusive provider of ImuPro testing

What is FIT?

FIT, or food intolerance testing, is a laboratory test in which blood is analyzed to test individual reactions to foods. The ImuPro test, available exclusively from FITLabs, tests foods individually and allows the patients to change their diet very selectively based on their results.

About Food Intolerance

Food intolerance or IgG food allergies (type III) is a growing concern among many patients and their health care providers. This is largely due to the difficulty drawing a straight line between certain foods and the chronic complaints that a food sensitivity might be causing. FITLabs’ test – exclusively sourced from ImuPro – helps overcome that uncertainty.

Food intolerance testing in the news…and not in a good way

There is no doubt that food sensitivity is an evolving area of research. New studies, new learning, new processes on the role of IgG in food reactions are released every year. This scientific research is critical, because for us, working with health care practitioners to improve patients’ health outcomes is, at the end of the day, all that matters… because at FITLabs, results matter.

How The ImuPro Test Works

The test – developed by ImuPro and offered exclusively in Canada by FITLabs – detects the levels of specific-IgG antibodies against a variety of foods. Using samples derived from DBS (dried blood spot), laboratory analysis is able to quantify the level of IgG antibodies to particular food proteins.

The patient's sample is analyzed to determine the presence of specific IgG antibodies to a broad variety of food proteins present in the patient’s blood. The test is carried out using the Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay (ELISA) test methodology. This is a very reliable and standard test method in laboratory analysis.

We then provide a comprehensive test report, personal nutritional guidelines, and for those who selected the ImuPro 270, we also provide a recipe book customized to the report results.

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