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Breakthrough the Weight Loss Blockade

Breakthrough the Weight Loss Blockade


Does this sound familiar? You try out different diets; sign up to the gym; you take the stairs instead of taking the elevator; you eat more fruits and vegetables and forgo sweets. But whatever you try, you just do not lose weight or if you do, the weight loss doesn’t last… nothing really seems to help.

Delayed food allergy and being overweight

If you have a delayed food allergy, harmless foods can cause problems for your immune system. Since this allergy does not have a direct and immediate effect on us (like classic immediate allergy), we often suspect that food could be the trigger, but do not exactly know which foods. If you have a delayed food allergy your body produces IgG antibodies to harmless foods. This can cause problems up to three days after consumption of the trigger food.

A delayed food allergy can cause chronic inflammatory reactions in your body. The antibodies our body produces influence the fat metabolism and metabolic processes in our body and lead to weight gain. The exact mechanisms are not fully understood yet. However, it is clear that low-grade inflammatory processes can play a role in weight gain. An IgG food allergy may intensify such inflammatory processes.

The study “IgG antibodies against food antigens are correlated with inflammation and intima media thickness in obese juveniles” by Wilders-Truschnig et al. showed a significant correlation between elevated IgG antibodies, inflammation, and being overweight. Thus, elevated IgG levels for food could be involved in the development of weight gain.

How to identify a delayed food allergy?

Whether a delayed food allergy is present or not - you can easily find out with the ImuPro test used exclusively in Canada by FITLabs. A diet change based on the results can positively influence the inflammatory process and ultimately help you to lose weight. This blood test measures high levels of IgG antibodies to foods in the blood, detecting which foods trigger reactions in our immune system. By avoiding these foods, influenced fat metabolism and metabolic processes can return to normal and clear the way to weight loss.