We're pleased to announce that we now offer our complete report package in both English and French.

How it Works

How it Works

Learning about your food sensitivities is only a few steps away

Whether you are an individual or health care provider, FITLabs makes it easy to order tests and get results.

  1. Choose a test and order online

    FITLabs offers two tests, the ImuPro Basic (90 Foods) and the ImuPro Complete (270 Foods). Provide the required information and complete your order online. You don’t need a requisition from your healthcare provider to order this test.

  2. Receive your test kit

    Your FITLabs Blood Collection Kit will be shipped to you via Canada Post Express. Shipping is free.

  3. Collect your blood sample

    Collect blood sample by following easy-to-read instructions in kit. Collect your blood spot sample yourself via fingerprick in the comfort of your own home. No visit to a lab required. The dried sample card is then returned in the postage-paid envelope provided. 

  4. Mail blood sample to FITLabs

    Return your blood sample card in the postage-paid envelope provided. You will be notified by email when we receive your blood sample.

  5. Receive results via email

    FITLabs will provide you with a comprehensive report of all foods tested, personal nutritional guidelines, and for those who selected the ImuPro 270, we also provide a recipe book customized to the report results. You will receive your test results via email 7-10 business days from the time we receive your blood sample.

  6. Consultation with a FITLabs Healthcare Provider

    Following your report, you’ll receive a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with a certified wellness professional to help you better understand your results and provide you with scientific and nutritional advice to help guide you through your modification process.

  1. Register for a FITLabs Provider account

    Create an account and receive blood collection kits. Kits are free - we don’t charge you until the test has been completed.

  2. Receive blood collection kits

    Kits are sent free of charge. Each blood collection kit contains a FITLabs Test Request Form, where you'll be able to select one of the comprehensive ImuPro tests. 

  3. Collect client’s blood sample

    FITLabs Food Sensitivity test uses a blood spot sample collected via fingerprick. Collect a blood sample from your patient using the sample card in the kit.

  4. Mail blood sample to FITLabs

    Return the blood sample card in the postage-paid envelope provided.

  5. Receive results via email

    FITLabs delivers comprehensive nutritional guidelines and professional support to help understand the test results.

  6. Billing

    FITLabs will automatically charge the credit card listed in your billing profile for the test profile selected on the laboratory test request form. You will only be charged once the client report has been issued.